Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top: Neel Kashkari, the Interim Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability in the United States Department of the Treasury

Middle: A bald eagle

Bottom: Sam the Eagle

All of them enjoy: Posing in front of flags, clawing eyes out, eating fish, not being endangered, being noble and majestic.

Fun facts:

• Only Neel is actually bald

• Ben Franklin lobbied to make Neel our national bird

• Two out of three have seen Gonzo naked

• Kate is shopping around a pilot for a buddy sitcom with Neel and Sam as long-lost brothers. It's called Kash & Kari. NBC midseason replacement for Kath & Kim perhaps?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fairly unbalanced

Fox News (I'm still obsessed!) ran a piece today about the Obama family getting ready to decorate the White House and relaying what sort of food first families have enjoyed. (Chelsea liked Kraft Mac and Cheese! And Obama's little girls like ice cream.) Awwww. (Unrelated: I want to be those kids' white nanny in some sort of '80s sitcom scenario.)

But this is Fox News, so things took a turn to the predictably racist early on in the comments, with each bunker huddler frantically clacking their fingers over the keys to get their fried-chicken jabs in first.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hey guys, anything new in the last few days? Did I miss any history or anything? Phew.

I went to NBC's Election Plaza, or Freedom Central, or The Place Where Hologram Wolf Blitzer Can't Hurt You or however they were billing it on Tuesday night. Not the McCain crowd you might expect to find in Midtown.

This was truly the most insanely happy crowd I've ever been a part of. Everyone chatted happily and cheered wildly and counted down to the California polls closing together. My favorite quote of the night was from two guys behind me. First guy: "It's like New Year's Eve!" Second guy: "Yeah, but it means something!"

I'll spare you my waxing poetic about everyone in this diverse group crying and cheering and hugging each other, but suffice to say, it was magical. Any time you high-five a stranger yelling out of his sunroof is a good day in my book.

Then! I went to Times Square, where there was literally dancing in the street. Some guy with dreadlocks started banging on a drum and everyone was jumping and singing like World War II just ended. It was like a commune of happy hippies all took E and went to a nightclub.

No one was saying Obama will necessarily be a great president, but there was such a feeling that good had won out over evil, logic defeated mudslinging and America's good name will be restored, I just hope he can be half the leader the crowd is hoping for.